Dearest Benny –

Five years ago we waited most of the day at home to hear that there was a room for us at OSU’s hospital. It was an eventful day because there was a huge fire down the street where our friends lived. Big fire trucks came and parked on the street and ran giant hoses all over the road and blocked our car in. We had to ask permission to get our car out when we realized it was time to go to the hospital to finally meet you. Thanks for being patient!

You had more hair than any baby most of the nurses had seen, and you already had side-burns. We teased that you were already like a grown up, and needed a haircut, but you were a cuddle-bun even in those first moments. I should’ve known that you would be a sweet hearted little man!

You are sensitive and loving and gentle. But you are certainly all boy-ness with your amazing lego building skills and your love of playing ball and cars and bikes and trains. You are all ready to be grown, always longing for real tools and nuts and bolts. You are silly and bouncy and fun-loving, and tender hearted to the very core. You are certainly going to be a sweet hearted man!

I pray that as you grow you will see that as a gift. I pray that empathy and sympathy will guide you and that wisdom will come with your sensitivity and your joy. I pray that as you learn to express yourself more effectively (and without whining) that you will always be willing to share your heart to those you love and never feel squashed by us. I love your desire to pray for every meal and every blessing and every gift God gives our family – your thankfulness reminds me to also be thankful. You are a blessing and a gift in our lives and we are in awe that God trusted us with you.

Happy Birthday baby munchkin!


a birthday boy’s letter
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