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It’s been a month since I last wrote anything. A month deciding whether I have anything to say, deciding what all I should do with this blog. Food? Justice? Neighborhood? I’m not sure I’ve come to a conclusion exactly, so if you have an opinion please share it. Until it’s clear to me if there is one purpose for this, you’ll keep reading a hodge podge.

Right now my obsession at home is all things fall. Apple picking, pumpkin patches, leaf raking, grass planting, sweaters, soccer games, fall festivals, corduroys, pumpkin roll, pumpkin pie, pumpkin donuts, and this year’s current new find – pumpkin bagels!



Apple Fritters
Apple Cobbler

With the leaves changing colors and the school year well under way, I find it is time to reflect a bit. Maybe it’s prompted by the fact that it’s time for me to write UC’s year end letter to supporters, that my yearly evaluation is right around the corner, or that I just have more quiet time in my office since the kids are in school. But either way I’m prone to reflection.
This year has been one of watching God’s movement. As I’ve documented here this year, we saw a disgusting building demolished at the request of most of the neighborhood. We saw the community spruced up, parties celebrated and a beautiful parade highlighting children & youth. We’ve begun worshipping together alongside some of our neighbors. Our ministry hosted 2 weeks of day camps, 3 mission teams, several service teams, and 3 interns. We’ve watched growth in the lives of our kids and teens, and we’ve been pushed forward in our faith.

So I’m finding that it’s not only the pumpkiny goodness, the apple-baked fares or the color and weather changes. The reflection at this time of year is good for me. I pray you have time to reflect, too. May you be blessed to see the larger picture, and see God’s hand in it!


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