As part of Lent, we’ve been talking about the fruit of the Spirit and learning a song about them.  I didn’t just want them to memorize what the 9 fruit are,  I wanted them to apply the lessons. So I used several colors of regular felt (which I learned is made form post-consumer recycled plastic bottles) and this is what we came up with (we had some help from the internet for inspiration)

The kids will tell you that God is the vine, we are the branches (we each have one – they are labeled) and our branch will make good fruit (grapes and leaves in this case) when we follow God’s Spirit and ways. The grapes are given by someone who notices you showing one of the fruits. Hopefully we’ll have a very colorful vine by Easter!

Edit: Just let me add that as of today (3/31) they have earned grapes for love and kindness (Hope) and patience and self-control (Ben).  WOOHOO!



Grapes are Growing in the Dining Room!
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