The good news:


A backhoe arrived today.  It started to tear down one corner of the building.


And the bad news:


It also had no regard for the garden, which is sad – my friend, the garden manager, Priscilla had called to ask if she needed to move anything including the shed, fence, landscape stones, etc. She was told that the plan was to implode the building so that it wouldn’t harm any surrounding structures. Apparently the brand new tiny cherry tree in front of the garden was not considered part of the structure. Or at least no one told the backhoe driver, who left tread marks in the dirt on either side of the tree. He also ran over the landscaping blocks, pushing them into one another and doing some damage.

The other bad news… I was outside at 3pm and there was no sign of anything happening to the building. Then I took this picture at 4:05pm today. In that hour, they came, took out one corner, ran over the tree, and left. I’ll be keeping my ears and eyes open to try to get more pictures as it happens, but at this rate I may miss it!


Good News, Bad News
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