When I was little we fasted during lent. Generally we fasted from meat on Fridays and from something else for the whole 40 days. Chocolate. Pop. TV. Movies. I know plenty of people who give up the things that distract them from time with God (internet?), or distract them from Godly things (soap operas), or from worldly choices(shopping), or things that hinder relationships (earphones), or from relationships that are hindering solitude (overly dependent boy/girlfriend). My morning today started out with seeing a great post on Facebook that included plenty of examples and explanations about lent. You should read the post, here.

But this post isn’t about my choices. This is about my kids, and how I’m teaching them about lent. Last year we talked got crafty for the beginning of lent. We’ll be using the lessons of fruit again this year, but we’re adding on by taking away. I challenged my kids to give something up. Now I’m not into child torture, so when they asked if I meant candy or tv I pointed out that those might be too big of a challenge. So we thought together and did come up with something. It was something that we know will be enough to remind them on a regular basis that they’ve made a commitment, but something that’s not impossible for their age and begging for failure or for whining, screaming fits. I’m proud of my little ones for committing to give something up and also for taking some thoughtful time over breakfast this morning to figure out what it should be.

Now, to begin 40 days of trying to go without. Forty days of self-discipline. Forty days of new little things reminding us to focus a little more time on Jesus. That’s all I’m asking from the kids… we’ll see!

Lent with Kids
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