There was a commercial a while back with a guy who had his identity stolen. He was speaking as though … no, I can’t possibly describe this. You should just watch it. (the disclaimer here is that this is not an endorsement or criticism of Citi – I’ve never used Citi and know nothing about the company itself – this is solely about the amusing commercial).


Do you know what it’s like to find out your bank account is at zero?


It happened to us a few months back. I’ll tell you the end of the story. We’re fine. Modern banks are amazing and insured and react very quickly.

Let me just say that this is about my husband. His response – or maybe his lack of response. He is always calm and rational. But this seems like a moment that would bring out the worst. And yet… my amazingly reliable, steady, level-headed husband assured me we’d be fine, made some calls and just sat peacefully at his desk until he got answers.

I’m grateful for him. He is strong and focused and does not easily waver. While I was exasperated, he figured out who to call and figured out how long it would be until everything was handled. Almost before I could text some friends to pray, he had asked all the right questions of all the right people and was already waiting patiently. He’s a good one – I think I’ll keep him.