It’s these cold, windy, rainy, grey days when I miss my garden. I shopped last week for bulbs and it was a joy to bring home the promise of crocus, tulips and daffodils. Today is even colder, even windier, even rainier. So today was just the right day to have some garden-love. Thanks to the warm spells recently and the endurance of my plants, today I am enjoying the last fruits of my garden while praying for those who are hunkered down against the hurricane. I’m thinking of my friends in Virginia, DC, Philly, and especially my family in a highrise in NYC. May your windows be strong, your roofs be leakproof, and your power be reliable as the winds come.

Now onto my garden treat.

That is my last, delightful, beautiful Brandywine tomato. These are by far my favorite tomatoes, even my favorite part of gardening. See how few seeds? See how much actual meaty tomato there is?  I took the photo with my phone because I was too anxious to eat it to waste time running to get the better camera. I know phones don’t usually take great pictures, but that is a pretty accurate  coloring. It IS that red. It is that juicy. I just have to do something with it.

So today the perfect tomato made the perfect BLT.

Today I even put an egg on that sandwich. And it was … O.M.G. GOOD! Never watery, drippy, slimy. Just fabulous tomato flavor in every bite. I’m not sure what I’m going to do with the last 3/4 of that giant beauty, but I assure you it will be worthy.


Summer Perfection
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