A mission team arrived today to lead a week of Day Camps with us. Preparing for these camps is a lot of work for us as staff of UC. The list of to-dos includes everything from ordering shirts to buying groceries. We know that the time we spend on these day camps is worth it because we’ve seen God use our summer activities in the lives of kids and families in our neighborhood and also in our partnerships with the teams that come to lead. We are looking forward to what God will do this week to challenge us, to grow us, to bond the team and to share Christ with our neighborhood. For more about what we have seen in the past and want to see happen this year, read my older post Setting Up Camp

But I want to confess to whomever reads this that all of my lists and plans and schedules are useless… for I haven’t prayed. I want to end that last sentence with the word “enough”, but then it wouldn’t be a confession. I’ve asked others to pray, but I haven’t. That changes now, and I’m glad the Lord showed me yet again that I need to put prayer at the top of my list and then stop writing the list and start praying. He began showing me this a couple months ago when I was helping to plan a conference (I wrote about it in the Prayer Detail). It seems this is the lesson that I’ll just keep learning.

So will you pray with me? Some items we are praying for are: the weather, attendance, team unity, science experiments, VBS lessons, safety (for the team and the Campers), fun for everyone…

Prep Work
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