For those of you following the story of the collapsing building:

On Monday the Land Redevelopment Office Administrator came to walk around the structure, looking for “points of entry” and decided that it was as secure as it’s going to get. After that a structural engineer came out, that’s a good sign because he’s the one that can decide whether it has any structural integrity.

Here’s a shocker: the decision was to issue an emergency order for demolition. YAY!

Bad news: there’s a mural on the side of the building by artist Walt Neil (it’s even pictured on his website, at the bottom of the “about” page). It’s a resolvable issue, but means there are some steps to be taken before demolition. So no “emergency order” was issued.

Good news: we seem to be following the right channels, with NEAC, the city employees, city council, and code enforcement. And today there is a new caution tape and other blockades around the front of the building.

Keep praying.


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