Salvation. Is it a prayer or a life-long workout? Is it simple or complicated? Faith or works or both? Everyone has a (not-so) humble opinion. Today, answers were expected. Today was the day.

Today, 1 block away from dropping my kids off at school, Hope asked a question. She asks a lot of questions anyway, she’s just a thought-filled and inquisitive kid. But today, I didn’t see it coming, and I don’t know what brought it on. “Mommy, am I going to Heaven or Hell?” heh. simple enough?

So we talked about the Bible saying we need to tell Jesus that we’re sorry for the wrong that we do and that we want his death to take the punishment for our sins, and we want to trust Him.  That’s it, nothing extra, nothing less. Just faith. By this time we were in the school parking lot. So Hope asks if she’s running late to school, which she wasn’t, so while still sitting in her car seat she closed her eyes and spoke one of the simplest prayers I’ve ever heard. She didn’t ask me what to say, she figured it out for herself just like she does everything else.

The lesson here isn’t my kid’s prayer. She believed in Jesus before today, so I don’t think this is necessarily the beginning moment of salvation for her, but it certainly was significant in her mind. It was important to her that she do this. For that I am grateful.

For me, this was a lesson in being prepared for every teachable moment. It was a reminder that every day is a day that my kids are smarter and more inquisitive. It was a reminder that I better be on my toes with my walk with God so that I can have godly and loving answers and admit when I don’t know. And it is a day to be grateful for my kid who loves Jesus.

Serious Simplicity
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