Everyone has things they don’t like about themselves. For most of us no matter how many Bible verses are quoted about being wonderfully made there are still aspects of our own bodies that we are unhappy with. But I don’t think it’s ok to hate our bodies, God gave each of us a body made just for us. These bodies that scripture calls “temples of the Holy Spirit” come with struggles and imperfections but also with joy and healing. It’s time for us to take ownership, accept what God’s given to us and work towards loving our imperfections.

Here’s one: I’ve got spots. Not freckles, not moles, but red blotchy spots. Most people couldn’t see them this winter because of warmer clothes. But spring and summer are here and the spots are visible. I’m not covering them with makeup. I’m not going to go buy a bunch of turtle-necks and throw out my bathing suits and tank tops. I’m not going to go back to long hair just to cover the ones on my neck.

In fact, I wish they’d have shown themselves 10 years ago. It’s kind of a curious fact, but these spots finally showing up are the reason my years of arthritis were finally diagnosable. The spots made a diagnosis of psoriasis possible. The psoriasis made years of mystery joint pain suddenly connect to a rare but treatable form of arthritis. Thanks to the spots I can wake up pain free, walk with my kids at the park and even go for a bike ride.


Spot On
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