Yesterday would have been Trayvon’s 19th birthday. The day before that would have been Jordan’s 19th birthday. Young lives taken too soon, for no good reason. More on that in this post.

My prayers are with their families.


Sojourners magazine ( wrote today:
“Since the law was passed in Florida, there has been an 8 percent increase in the homicide rate. Under Stand Your Ground laws in general, the chances that white-on-black killings will be found justified is more than 11 times than that of a black-on-white shooting using the same defense.”
(see the full story for links to the references for those statistics)

Excuses will continue to be made as long as the law allows. Watch this.


Here are the highlights:
Do you have regrets?
“Certainly I think about that night, my life would be tremendously easier if I had stayed home that night”

If you had stayed home, you wouldn’t have wound up killing Trayvon Martin?
“He wouldn’t have ended up attacking me either if I had stayed home”

Keep in mind, friends, that the speaker here is the one who did the shooting. His life would be easier if he had stayed home? easier.

Young Lives and Excuses
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