Dearest Hope,

8 years ago I walked into OSU Medical Center as big as a hippo. I waited around for hours until they could give me a room. You were a week later than expected and in no rush to meet us. You certainly had your own plan. Right away you had your own little girly lips and you found your voice immediately. Not much has changed.

You still have your own mind, your own plans and your own voice. You have become a determined and spunky little gal. You are a leader and you’re learning to be kind and generous when you lead. You love to organize anything you can get your hands on, whether it’s sorting Legos or vegetables on your plate, or keeping track of our plan for the day, you’re on top of everything! You like to make sure everyone is taken care of and every detail is reported. I can’t imagine where you get it from.

I love to see that you enjoy creativity and role play – very few toys other than Legos keep your attention for long. Your imagination runs wild and I could learn a lot from your fun-loving feistiness. You are a treasure, a caregiver and a leader. I pray that those qualities are never squashed (especially by me!) but that everyone around you cultivates your gifts so that we can see you become all God has created you to be.

Happy Birthday Number 1 Munchkin.



A birthday letter to Hope
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