This Mother’s Day I received the biggest, ickiest present of my life.

A house. An abandoned, stinky, boarded up, damaged, no plumbing, beast of a house.

Roughly 2,000 sq ft of ick.

And I love it.

It wasn’t actually a present, it is a joint venture with dear friends as we move together towards creating stability in our neighborhood. Urban Connections will be partnering with us, helping to provide work teams when possible, because we want this house to be a place that a family (maybe one that would otherwise be displaced) will call home. We want this house to be a place where that family will be treated with fairness and kindness by their landlord.

Oh, and the landlord is right next door. See that tree to the right of the photo? It’s in my front yard.


Work will begin this summer. First with cleaning, demolition of plaster, clearing of overgrowth in the backyard, damaged flooring, and repairing the roof. If you ‘d like to help out as we take steps toward stable, fair housing for someone who needs it, let us know!


A Step Forward