I am a wife of one and mom of two and also development director at Urban Connections. I’m wondering whether setting up a blog is worthwhile, but I figure that if it’s not no one will read it and we’ll all move on with no hurt feelings. But I do think that a few of my thoughts are at least worthy of a discussion now and then and it seems this is a friendly way to go about it.

My kids play tag like all kids, except that Ben creates “base” wherever it is handy whenever he’s tired of running. He’ll just crash in the grass and yell “BASE”. So far his sister is willing to humor this although he knows he can’t get away with it with other kids.

This blog is home base for me. I’m going to share thoughts about whatever, we’ll see where it goes and I’m calling it BASE. So please, just promise to play nicely together when you comment. I’ve never claimed to be a genius, but I do have some worthwhile thoughts when it comes to ministry, parenting and occasionally gardening. I pray my thoughts are an encouragement to those who read with me.

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