So I asked you to pray for our board retreat last weekend, and then I left you hanging on how it went. Sorry for that.

I asked you to pray for fun, unity, focus and wisdom. If you prayed, take heart that I think your prayers were answered. We ate, debated, disagreed, discussed and made decisions. We set goals for the next 12-18 months. So yes, there was unity – even in disagreement. And there was what I hope is wisdom. And I think there was fun. And for the most part there was focus.

I know a lot of people who work at non-profits and have to deal with their boards. Most of them end up in real struggles of vision with their board. They describe these battles about direction and action. I have NO idea what that is like. Even in our disagreements, we have unity of vision, common heart for the community, common purpose.

The weekend was good. Even that aside though I want to give a lot of credit to our board. They share their wisdom and concerns and brainstorm til their brains are exhausted and then they take a step back and trust us with the daily life of the ministry. They allow us to take the time we need, they allow us some flexibility. They hold us accountable while at the same time knowing that we sometimes need grace. They understand (or are willing to learn) CCDA principles and embrace them. They are a joy to work with, full of wisdom, with genuine care for the staff and the community. Our board allows me “work time” to hang out with my neighbors, meet with people I’m not even sure we can partner with, and be a member of the CCDA Cohort – while I know that some of my cohort friends have to use vacation time from their ministry jobs for our retreats and meetings and conferences.

So if any of my readers happen to also be UC Board members, to you I say thank you. Our work in the neighborhood together is moving forward because of you. I praise God for you.

Above Board