In mid September Ben had a day out. It was a Christmas present from his Nana Betsy and Grampa Bill. He’s waited months and months and finally got to ride the Thomas Train. The real Thomas – a real train on real tracks. Well, Grampa Bill would want you to know that it’s a little bit of a fraud, since the big blue Thomas engine doesn’t do any work, it’s actually pushed by a real engine. The real engine that pushes it is even a diesel engine, which is ironic if you’ve ever seen a Thomas movie – they’re all about how the steamers are loyal and friendly and the diesels are dirty and mean and trying to take over.

I’m sure there is some moral to be learned that lots of bloggers would jump to about the big pretty things in life being fakes. Or maybe about good versus evil. I’m not interested in going there today, I just want you to see how happy my kid is!


Seeing the big guy


Ready to ride with Grampa Bill and Nana Betsy


Ben and Nana Betsy in the middle with the two engineers


Before he even left, with his new hat and train whistle


the new train set he got while there
Showing his best buddy Savannah how the new set works (She loves Thomas too!)
Day Out
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