News Flash: I hate newness. I hate transition. I despise the unknown.

Ok, so it’s not such a revelation to me or to anyone who has known me for any length of time. I had a horrid first year of college. I cried every day of the summer-long mission trip in 1998. I can’t fathom how I thought I might spend a year overseas after college, and I’m glad my Savior didn’t ask me to go. Any trip that is longer than a week is rough for me. I like my house. I love my job. Same old same old is just fine.

But alas, this life of ours calls for adjustments. Flexibility. Movement. It’s good for me because it stretches me. I wrote in our recent September newsletter (located at our UC Site) about our expanding direction as a ministry. I’m excited because I believe we are moving forward in all the right ways. Do you hear me? No matter what else I say, I’m excited and glad and loving that our board/staff decided to take these steps.

Now let me say that it’s crazy hard for me. It changes my job a little, my focus a little, and leaves a bit of a question mark about my daily activity. It means new meetings, new people, new partnerships.  Any kind of stretch causes stress, and this stretching is no different. But like all good stretching, this prepares me for growth. So bring it on.




Do you stretch first?
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