Did you know that you can affect my weekend?

This weekend is the annual strategic planning meeting of our board. The board meets every couple months, but this is the one time per year that the rest of the staff, all of the spouses and a few other leaders in the ministry are also invited.  We gather to evaluate the last year and plan goals and direction for the next 18 months and beyond. I actually really look forward to this. The conversation can get intense, but it is worth every minute to hopefully get to a place of unity.

Even if you aren’t attending with us this weekend, you can play a huge role. I hope you will join us by praying. If you will pray for us this weekend here are a few things to focus on:

– quality time together, some fun as a team as we visit and eat together
– the conversation to be focused
– for us all to be good listeners
– abundant wisdom and unity of vision among us

I praise God for you – thank you for taking time to pray for us.


focus and unity