For those of you who aren’t aware, my husband is departing at 7am this morning on a 102 mile bike ride from OSU Campus in Columbus to OU Campus in Athens. His reason is because our lives have been so affected by cancer from grandparents to friends. He has fundraised some (although not yet met his goal, which he can continue raising until October… for more info visit Jason’s Pelotonia profile page) and he’s excited to embark on this journey with thousands of others – he is one of 4,985 riders!

He's doing the ride, but I get a great insulated tote bag... that counts as doing my part right?

As for the ride, for those interested in reading about what he’ll be experiencing, here’s what the Pelotonia page has to say about the ride:

This [segment], which finishes in Canal Winchester, covers generally flat to slightly rolling terrain. There is a net elevation gain of only 300 feet over the course of the entire 23-mile ride. Riders are not required to climb or descend more than 40 feet at any point on this route and none of the climbing or descending trends are more than 1.5 miles in length. This [part of the] route is well suited to a beginner level rider.

Riders who continue [onto the next segment] experience rolling terrain on the entire 20-mile ride between Groveport and Amanda. From mile 23 until mile 38, there is overall uphill trend resulting in a net elevation gain of 353 feet. From mile 38 to mile 43, there is a very slight descending trend into Amanda. This route is well-suited to an intermediate level rider who has trained and can easily ride the first 23 miles but does not yet have the stamina or conditioning to ride 102 miles.

Riders who continue past Amanda experience a rigorous, rolling ride through the Hocking Hills of Southeastern Ohio. There is 5400 feet of net vertical gain during the 59-mile ride from Amanda to Athens. From mile 43 to mile 54, the slight downhill trend that the riders experienced on the way into Amanda continues. At mile 54, the riders reach the Clear Creek Metro Park Rest Stop and then begin the most difficult 15 miles of the Pelotonia route. This portion of the route includes the Starner hill climb, which is 2.2 miles long with a total elevation gain of 374 feet. The route reaches its peak at 1159 feet above sea level approximately 6 miles before the riders arrive at the Logan Rest Stop at mile 69. From mile 63 to the end of the route on the Ohio University campus in Athens, the riders experience a gentle downhill trend with a net elevation change of -527 feet. This is a route for a more experienced rider who has prepared for the challenges of a ride through the Hocking Hills.

Jason’s Journey to End Cancer