So I spend time talking about, reading about, and looking for justice. More on my thoughts another day. Today, justice as a 7 (and a HALF!) year old sees it.

Background: Ben hit Hope. Hope tattled. Ben went to time out (put himself there in fact because he knew what he did was wrong). Ben apologizes.  An hour later Hope was apparently still thinking about it and decided that Ben should lose a sticker for hitting her. So the conversation went something like this:

H: Ben should lose a sticker for hitting me, that’s fair because he did something wrong.

Mommy: well, Ben was punished already wasn’t he? and didn’t he say he was sorry and you tried to forgive him?

H: yeah, but it’s not enough.

M: Ok, so there should be two punishments when he does something wrong?

H: yes!

M: Ok, but just so you know, that means that for yelling and giving me attitude a few minutes ago, you’ll need to lose a sticker too.

H: well, no, I had to leave the room for that.

M: yes, but you just decided that there should be TWO punishments for doing something hurtful. You said that was fair.

H: no, Ben should get two punishments, THAT is fair. I should get… oh. nevermind.


Justice Explained
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