I should’ve been ready to celebrate Ash Wednesday with my kids yesterday. But that didn’t happen. So today is the day for the first craft the kids and I will do to explain Lent.
Of course we are awaiting the grand resurrection… but that celebration comes later.  First we have Lent – a season of humility, repentance and self denial as we acknowledge (and remember) the time when Jesus humbled himself and gave himself.  It’s a tradition in the church where I grew up to not sing Alleluia’s in mass during Lent.  So the kids and I made our celebration sign – an Alleluia poster. When we are done glittering and coloring and pasting messages of celebration and awesomeness and thankfulness and happiness onto the board we will hide our celebration.  Ben will tell you that we’ve hidden our “Lalaylulahs” (it’s a tricky word!).  We’re not even allowed to look for them until resurrection Sunday.

As an aside, I tried to carry out my promise to myself to let the kids do what they wanted and not have my normal expectations of perfection that sometimes result in me yelling at the kids during crafty time. This was only moderately successful and I had to walk away to not get frustrated, then apologize to them for starting to yell (which they told me hurt their feelings because they thought they weren’t good enough artists for mommy… ugh). But all is well now and the task is finished – and it’s beautiful in this mommy’s eyes.

Now I need to go and find a hiding spot…

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