I had the privilege to go to New York City last week for another retreat with our CCDA Cohort. The schedule was packed teaching and theology. And then things started getting cancelled so we filled up some time with good old fashioned tourism:

I’m not new to this busy city, so the site-seeing wasn’t always up my alley. All the walking and sleeping in an odd bed don’t do my achy body any good and so I got grumpy. I shared with a few friends about my disappointment that some of our scheduled worship, prayer and teaching times weren’t happening. I had an attitude of “this is what I came here for, so what’s the point?” I’m happy to say that a dear friend responded by sharing that the fellowship and social-time and support and lack of structure were exactly what her heart needed. She’s exactly right. Lesson #1: the world does not revolve around me and my expected schedule. Thanks to Zakiya for speaking up!

Once I saw that I’m not the center of the universe I could let go of the disappointment and just do what my body could handle and participate in everything I could. The unstructured time together is harder. We will have to be more intentional. There were people in the group I didn’t get to talk to about what was going on in their lives. And this brings me to Lesson #2: I, the introverted and homesick girl that I am, have a real need to connect with these Cohort friends of mine. Remember when my attitude was “this (study, learning, etc) is what I came for, so if I’m missing that then what’s the point?” … turns out that’s not what I’m there for. So I stand corrected: the point is the people. This group that God has knit together to walk alongside one another IS the point.

Thanks guys.

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