We aren’t a family that celebrates every holiday. We don’t do Valentine’s Day or Sweetest Day, and even for Mother’s day we don’t do much to celebrate. But I do get to do what I want on Mommy’s Day (as Ben calls it). So how did I spend my day? What was my reward for bringing two spunky kiddos into the world?


I got to do some of my favorite things with some of my favorite people. The first has nothing to do with being a mom, but I got to dismantle the motor of my racecar with my dad. We spent most of Saturday and Sunday standing around my Datsun disassembling parts to get ready for the race in a few weeks. Time with my dad is valuable to me, and getting our hands dirty to find the one thing that went wrong, the one thing we can improve upon is one of the ways we spend time together. Long after we are retired from racing I hope we will still spend time in the garage taking apart and building anew.

a camshaft is supposed to be one piece, not four.

But my weekend wasn’t just about the racecar. There are other favorite people in my life, and they were chillin’ together too. While I was in the garage my mom and my kids were spoiling each other. They were playing in the creek (or “crick” depending on where you’re from) and just enjoying the silliness of being grandkids and gramma. I ventured down through the weeds and briars and was thrilled to snap a few pictures of the adventure. What a joy-filled weekend!

mud pie
making mud
cleaning up in the "waterfall"
there's something in there...


Mommy’s Day
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