These opinions are my own. Not necessarily those of anyone else in my family or workplace.


I find it really sad that at some point last night while I was sleeping quite soundly, my fb feed blew up with a slightly uneven balance (among my Jesus-believing friends) of “Praise God for what He’s doing” and “Oh God how could you” and one “Obama will answer for his life before God…God have mercy on our country”.

Both sides were equally NOT humble peacemakers throughout this process.

I think both sides might’ve lost sight of what we’re actually called to do.

I think this is just another instance where we are quick to decide (based on our own feelings) what God is for or against. We are quick to call things spiritual warfare, and we are too quick to define which side God is on.

I think we’ve lost touch just a bit with what actually concerns our God. At the very best it seems the Body is confused. At worst the Body is attacking itself.

A little side note about a body: As a person with an auto-immune disorder where the body attacks itself in very literal ways I can assure you that it’s not healthy and it’s really quite painful. And I can assure you that it’s not easy to get rid of what’s attacking me (since it’s inside me), but that I would do anything in my power to stop the inner attacking.

If that is what the Body of Christ is doing to itself, we’re just making the pain worse, and I’m guessing that the Head is wishing we’d just stop attacking all the other parts and start working together.

What does He require of us in the? that we love justice, do mercy, walk humbly with Him. We are not called to judge Him, but to serve Him. There is plenty to be done, and most of it needs done no matter who sits in the Oval Office. So let’s get on with it.

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