We do a lot of talking about neighbors and community. But this weekend my friend Elissa came from a couple hours away just to visit us and help me with some photography mentoring. I’ve never been her neighbor, or even lived in the same city as she does (except for the shady motel where we stayed for a summer project in 98 – that’s where we met). But we could easily be neighbors. She assures me that I’m on her list of people who will be her neighbor in heaven.

Neighbors in heaven? Yep. And she tells me that I’m not limited to 2… it has to be better than a 3-d world. We think it’s like a 10 dimensional world. I hope that new city is a place where I can live next door to my Jesus-loving sisters and brothers, where our gardens are weed-free and luscious, our photos of kids are always perfect, where we need no fences and where all of our porches are within eye-sight of each other. Until then, Elissa and I will see each other once or twice a year, our kids will play together like it’s an every day occurrence, and we will chat and laugh and commiserate together about our struggles while we eat loads of ice cream and pizza.

She put up some great pictures on her blog about our day together here, so I’ll do the same!

That’s while the kids were cooperating and pretending NOT to be hot and sticky on a 98 degree day!

And then NOT participating in the photos anymore.

This is what girls look like who haven’t seen each other in a year and feel like sisters. If we gave them the camera, they’d probably take a similar shot of Elissa and I!