Tonight is the night. The moment of truth. Mid-year parent-teacher conferences.

These are different than beginning of the year conferences when the teacher is just nice and the kids are still scared of consequences. Mid-year conferences are when the teacher can share all their concerns, their struggles and the inherent feeling that they are judging your parenting.

They probably don’t mean to criticize the parenting… or maybe they do. Maybe they think they know best. Maybe they do know best. Maybe I don’t know anything. Maybe my kids are horrible and I’m to blame! AHHHH! PANIC!

Ok, in all seriousness conferences can make parents a little uptight. They make me uptight. I want my kids to be on their best behavior, doing their best work. I want them to learn everything, have every opportunity and succeed in life – or in elementary school at least. I want to be a parent who gets to hear about how awesome their kids are, not hear that the kids aren’t “seeing their full potential”.

In the Alexander family there’s a kindergarten award that Jason received. Worst Student. Seriously. There’s no plaque but if you ask his dad he will happily recall the time he went to a parent teacher conference and was told how awful Jason was. Bill, trying to save face a little, replied with “well, he can’t be the worst kid” when the teacher paused and said “actually, he IS”. Now, you can tell me I have nothing to worry about, but my kids are half Jason (or Michael if you want to go back to kindergarten where he changed his name to Michael just to be difficult). With that kind of genetics, I think I have every right to be on the verge of a panic attack.

Wish me luck.


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