Hope has an assignment from school to bring in a shoebox. They are building a city, which they will pretend is populated and needs food and jobs, etc (picture SimCity, but with shoeboxes).

Yesterday Hope was telling me how not all of her classmates have shoeboxes at home and “not everyone can afford to go buy shoes for this.” She even told me who a few of the kids were who can’t bring any in. So she’s been taking extras to her teacher that we collected (thanks to ShaRhonda and Gramma). As I sat in the car this morning and watched her walking in carrying 4 more boxes, one of those friends was walking in at the same time. Hope pulled two of her boxes out of the bag and and handed them to her friend. I’ve sent 11 extras so far,  so why share that one? She shared so that her friend gets credit for bringing them.

Initially it made me wonder if shoeboxes could apply to Luke 3:11? I was glad she was sharing.  But then I realized that the reason it made me smile is  because she understood that there being enough boxes in the classroom is different than giving her friend the ability to turn one in herself.

Redistribution of Shoeboxes
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