Youth Connections:
We are seeking volunteers who can hang out with teens or can cook. Our youth groups are growing! Kids have been spending time with Michelle, our Youth Director, and we look forward to healthy youth groups this fall. However, that means we need a few additional volunteers.

Kidz Connections: 
If you can cook, teach a Bible lesson, play a game, help someone to learn how to read or add, we can definitely use your help. See the Schedule page for a list of events and times.

Community Connections: 
If your church, small group, youth group or family want to volunteer in our neighborhood and learn more about our community, join us for a neighborhood service project. This may include trash/debris cleanup, a community picnic, poverty simulation, or other neighborhood event.

What do we mean? 
“Cooking” means just that – we like to eat around the table with the kids, and that requires a well-balanced meal. If you love to bond with others over food, this could be a good fit for you!

“Youth leader” doesn’t necessarily mean teaching the Bible study. It means hanging out, eating, building relationships, being silly, playing games, and listening or participating in Bible study – all with one of our teen groups.

For more information on how you can help and our schedule, email Cathy Alexander (