2020 Summer Tutoring Collaborative

With the impact of COVID-19 this year, we are taking our tutoring outdoors and joining with Central Community House and First English Lutheran Church to provide summer tutoring to students who fell behind during the e-learning sessions. If you’d like more info or to join us this summer, click the 2020 Summer Tutoring Collective link in the menu above. 


School Year Tutoring:

UC is proud to partner with Columbus Tutoring Initiative and our local elementary schools to provide tutoring services for young readers. Grange Insurance has joined us to recruit from their employees for tutors at Fairwood Alternative Elementary. We are currently recruiting tutors for our work at Ohio Avenue Elementary.

Tutoring is a simple 1-hour per week commitment that takes place at the school around lunch time. We meet from October through April. Your 2nd or 3rd grade student will join you with their lunch and eat while you read to them. After they eat, you’ll use provided materials to continue working on reading, phonics, comprehension, and writing. 45 minutes of tutoring can take a child from concern about not passing their standardized tests to full confidence!