All of UC’s programs aim to further our mission of connection to Christ, connection with others, and developing our community together. For the schedule, info on volunteering, or info about joining us as a mission team, see links below.

Kids Connections Programs
Faith-based after school programs that build community, friendship, and faith.

In-School Programs Support services in our local neighborhood schools to serve students and families from our community

Educational Programs – Our staff offer various services that can education your congregation, small group, or class about issues of poverty, injustice, Scriptural basis for our work, and more. This includes our poverty simulation, which we provide based on a per-person fee for up to 30 people. Please contact Cathy if you are interested in any of these programs. 

Missions – These are another aspect of our Educational Programs. We offer short and long term stays with us, whether as a one-day work project, or as a year long ReWire participant in discipleship community, you can join us! 

Community Programs – In the past, we’ve hosted grief counseling, adult Bible studies, parent trainings, clothing swaps, community picnics, neighborhood cleanups, and more. If you have a suggestion, we’re open to hearing it!

Current Schedule