Every year we invite teams to join us for a week of missions work. Your team can come and partner with us for a week to help conduct Kidz Camps or help us with Community Development which includes community events or neighborhood projects. Our leadership team will do daily teachings focusing on God’s heart for the poor and discussing issues involving inner city ministry. Each day there will be time to debrief and have fun together. The group will also participate in activities which will give them first-hand interaction with the neighborhood and its great residents.

Kidz Camps
Your group will lead the kids in educational activities, conduct a VBS and participate in daily field trips around the city. Personal interaction with them is key as you model Christ-likeness and share your faith. Encouraging kids to succeed in various activities will build their self-confidence and sense of accomplishment.

Who is Eligible?
– small group
– home church
– high school youth group
– families

What do we need to do to sign up?
The cost of $300/person includes food, housing, field trips (in the case of Kidz Camps), etc. A $50 non-refundable deposit is due 60 days before your group arrives. If you want to raise additional money your group can take the kids to a local water park the last day of camp.
Email cathy@urban-connections.org for more information on bringing your group.