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2013 Year End Letter
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City Vision – www.city-vision.org
John M. Perkins Foundation – www.jmpf.org
Mustard Seed Associates – www.msainfo.org
The Simple Way – www.thesimpleway.org
Mile High Ministries – www.milehighmin.org
Lawndale Community Church – www.lawndalechurch.org

Corporate America and the Poor
Downward Mobility in an Upscale World – by Shane Claiborne

Books We Recommend:
I’m Still Here – Austin Channing Brown
Roadmap to Reconciliation – Brenda Salter McNeil
White Fragility – Robin DiAngelo
Beyond Charity – John Perkins
Who is My Neighbor? – Wayne Gordon
Toxic Charity – Robert D. Lupton
When Helping Hurts – Steve Corbett & Brian Fikkert